v3.18.0.585 - [22nd April 2024]   New
  • Added panning using mouse left click hold down and drag within the Preview changes window.
  • Changed Twitter icon in Options dialog About tab to new "X formerly Twitter" logo.
  • Added support for EXIF information in filename mask such as date taken using %exif.datetaken.
  • Improved processing time of Blur and Sharpen when applied to images.
  • Improved processing time when using Highlights and Shadows colour adjustment settings.
  • Added "Scale font size proportional to image" setting to text watermarks to reduce/enlarge the font size relative to each picture.
  • Added 24 hour clock date formats to watermark date format selection when using date variables.
  • Fixed use of "Include sub-folders" option when adding images by right-click "Resize with Fotosizer" Windows Explorer context menu option.
  • Fixed error when fetching last access date and time from some images in image selection list.
  • Fixed error when using Highlights and Shadows colour adjustment settings.
  • Fixed error on some computers when displaying font selection box for text watermarks.

v3.17.2.584 - [16th April 2023]
  • Fixed drag and drop of files into image selection list so that new search options feature is only applied if dragging a folder.
  • Fixed new search options feature so that it does not filter files in the "Any" setting when none of the filename, file size, date created and date modified settings have been ticked.
  • Fixed new search options feature so that date matching when an "ago date" is used is more intuitive. For example, Date created More than 10 days ago should now find any file with a created date more than 10 days ago in the past.

v3.17.1.583 - [15th April 2023]
  • Changed Effects section to auto resize when splitter resized.
  • Added search options tab to Options dialog to apply search options filtering when adding files from folders, such as by filename, date modified, date created and file size.
  • Improved loading performance of Image selection list for large numbers of images.
  • Added support for %T (Image count) placeholder in File name masks.
  • Added ability to add tiled text watermarks to images.
  • Added ability to add tiled image watermarks to images.
  • Fixed image selection list preview pane so that it does not overlap with drag drop images prompt label when there are no images.
  • Fixed image displayed in gallery view mode of image selection list so that it maintains ICC colour profile.
  • Fixed application start-up that was failing on some users computers when Windows WMI Control had been corrupted.
  • Fixed resizing so that ICC colour profile is maintained in resized image even when "Copy EXIF information" Miscellaneous setting is deselected.
  • Fixed resizing so that ICC colour profile is maintained in resized image embedded thumbnail even when "Copy EXIF information" Miscellaneous setting is deselected.
  • Fixed error on application start-up on some computers where image selection list thumbnail cache folder does not exist.

v3.16.1.581 - [25th October 2022]
  • Added side by side view of original and new image in preview changes window.
  • Added output filename to preview changes window when showing original image.
  • Added remembering of preview changes options such as fit to window and show original image between application loads.
  • Added ability to blur images.
  • Added ability to sharpen images.
  • Added 96 and 120 as available present font sizes for text watermarks.
  • Fixed loading settings from Windows registry on startup that caused error on some computers.
  • Fixed changing resize measurement type when calculated values exceed the limits of the selection boxes, that caused error.
  • Fixed saving of images When quality is default 75% and no other setting changed.
  • Fixed selecting drive letter such as C:\ as destination folder that was causing error.
  • Fixed "File Not Found" error when creating a new folder for the destination folder on some computers.
  • Fixed Force lowercase file extension that previously was resulting in an error on some computers.
  • Fixed saving/reloading "Make filename web safe" setting from profile or from last used settings.
  • Fixed use of "Make filename web safe" setting so that it does not remove and folder path (for dynamic output folder creation) from the filename.
  • Fixed saving/reloading of Image watermark "resize image watermark" setting from profile or last used settings.

v3.15.0.579 - [4th July 2022]
  • Added the ability to drag image files onto Fotosizer desktop shortcut and open the files.
  • Added Fotosizer to "Open with" Windows Explorer context menu list for supported image formats.
  • Added Italian language translation corrections.
  • Added support for long file paths that previously caused "Path Too Long Exception" error.
  • Added option to automatically make filenames "web safe".
  • Added auto selection of Image watermark tab if only the image watermark is chosen and not text watermark.
  • Changed selection of image watermark image so that the initial folder is that of the currently selected watermark image.
  • Fixed error in font picker for selecting text watermark font.
  • Fixed error when adding EXIF watermark text where the EXIF property was blank that caused image not to be processed.
  • Fixed errors displaying file dates in image selection list for some languages.
  • Fixed error displaying images in image list when system date time format contains a single quote.
  • Fixed uninstall of Fotosizer when using /S command line option so that uninstall complete dialog is not displayed.
  • Fixed incorrect hiding of crop position when changing to % unit using the Crop resize mode.
  • Fixed error when using the %OFP-N custom filename mask.

v3.14.0.578 - [12th October 2021]
  • Added reset license button to error dialog for maximum number of license installations have been exceeded.
  • Added /PRODUCTKEY command line parameter option to Fotosizer installer to be able to set product key during installation.
  • Added ability to apply Shadows adjustment in Colour adjustment section.
  • Added ability to apply Highlights adjustment in Colour adjustment section.
  • Added Cold effect.
  • Added Warm effect.
  • Added Dark effect.
  • Added ability to apply Temperature adjustment in Colour adjustment section.
  • Added ability to apply Vibrance adjustment in Colour adjustment section.
  • Minor UI updates to Colour adjustment section to make look and feel a bit cleaner.
  • Fixed File not found error when using completion actions and do not enlarge if smaller or other settings that mean the image is not reprocessed are being used.

v3.13.0.577 - [17th February 2021]
  • Added corrections to German translations.
  • Added corrections to Greek translations.
  • Fixed using duplicate source images folder setting with a UNC server file path as the source image path.
  • Added Pause and Resume feature to resizing progress.
  • Fixed "Processed X images message" in resize progress dialog so that it shows the correct number of images up to the point of cancellation (when the cancel button is clicked).
  • Fixed shadow offset on text watermarks.
  • Added ability to apply Gamma correction.

v3.12.0.576 - [2nd September 2020]
  • Added corrections to Italian translations.
  • Fixed match original image quality setting that was causing images to be saved with distortions.
  • Added saving of match original image quality setting on exiting Fotosizer.
  • Added the ability to rename profiles.

v3.11.0.575 - [25th July 2020]
  • Added support for opening WebP image format.
  • Added support for converting images into WebP image format.
  • Added corrections to Finnish translations.
  • Added new image quality choices between default 75% quality, match original image quality and custom image quality.
  • Fixed error when opening Fotosizer having previously set resize dimensions in cm, mm or inches.
  • Added new Soft Color effect.
  • Added new Vibrant Color effect.
  • Added new Gotham effect.
  • Added ability to change order of profiles.
  • Fixed the right-click Windows File Explorer context menu "Resize with Fotosizer" option for folders/directories as well as image files that was not being displayed on some computers.
  • Improved loading speed when using right-click Windows File Explorer "Resize with Fotosizer" context menu option that previously was hanging and show Not Responding in Fotosizer windows.
  • Changed overwriting original image files to set new creation date if the "Keep original file creation date" setting is un-ticked.
  • Fixed loading of tiff images where some cases would fail to load.

v3.10.0.572 - [31st August 2019]
  • Added corrections to Greek translations.
  • Added corrections to Turkish translations.
  • Fixed bug with Image types for Add folder in Options dialog whereby deselecting all, still resulting in images returned.
  • Fixed Completion actions to allow delete/move of original image when resizing to [Same as original].
  • Fixed display of thumbnail images in Image selection list for .emf and .wmf image types.
  • Fixed Task bar Icon status so that it is reset after Resize progress dialog closed.
  • Added Instagram social media follow button to Options dialog About page.
  • Fixed resizing of .emf and .wmf image types.
  • Fixed resizing so that overwrite policy set in Options dialog is correctly used.
  • Fixed applying of rounded corners that was found not to be applied if no resize was done and using particular JPEG images saved from Windows 7.

v3.09.0.570 - [4th May 2019]
  • Fixed Resize and convert from transparent PNG to JPG that was setting background colour to black.
  • Fixed error when double clicking the "Check for updates" button.
  • Added the right-click Windows File Explorer context menu "Resize with Fotosizer" option for folders/directories as well as image files.
  • Fixed Rotation Numeric edit controls in the Watermarks section so that they initially show a ° symbol instead of % character.
  • Fixed error on loading of previously used settings when using a language that has a comma as a decimal separator.
  • Added corrections to Danish translations.
  • Added corrections to German translations.
  • Added %OFP-N filename mask that added the original folder path minus the first N folders.
  • Added portrait variations of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Google Pixel phone preset sizes.
  • Fixed "Parameter is not valid" error on Windows XP with certain images when copying metadata.

v3.08.0.566 - [15th November 2018]
  • Added "Dark" display mode setting in Options Dialog.
  • Added corrections for Greek translations.
  • Fixed Add from Folder to correctly use file type extension filters from Options dialog.
  • Fixed saving of auto rotation setting on exit.
  • Fixed removal of EXIF camera information from pictures even though no resizing may be done.
  • Changed Filename mask to allow "\" file path separators and Fotosizer will automatically create the folders.
  • Improved application startup time.
  • Added Gallery view to Image selection list.
  • Added right-click "Resize with Fotosizer" Windows Explorer context menu option.
  • Changed display of original width and height of pictures in image selection list to apply auto rotation from camera EXIF information Orientation setting.
  • Fixed display of space saved in resize progress dialog that was showing space in terrabytes (TB) instead of gigabytes (GB).

  • Added corrections for Greek translations.
  • Fixed Portuguese translations for rotation settings.
  • Added check for invalid characters in filename mask and show tooltip to indicate they are invalid.
  • Added Monochrome effect.
  • Added Polaroid effect.
  • Added Vintage/old photo effect.
  • Improved Saturation adjustment.
  • Improved Hue adjustment.
  • Added new completion action setting to give ability to move original images to a folder on completion.
  • Added new completion action setting to give ability to delete original images to recycle bin on completion.
  • Added new completion action setting to give ability to permanently delete original images on completion.
  • Added Danish language translations.
  • Added Bulgarian language translations.
  • Added Slovak language translations.
  • Added Slovenian language translations.
  • Added Norwegian language translations.
  • Added Indonesian language translations.
  • Added Thai language translations.
  • Minor UI updates and fixes.

  • Fixed issue where use of the "Do not resize if smaller" setting leads to the image file not being saved and a "Could not find file" error.
  • Fixed Overwrite choice apply to all not working where the rename option only applies to first photo.
  • Added ability to load/save Windows metafile (.wmf) images.
  • Added ability to load/save Windows Enhanced metafile (.emf) images.
  • Fixed conversion of transparent PNG images to JPEG that would cause the background to be black.
  • Added corrections for Greek translations.
  • Added language translations for Japanese, Armenian, Lithuanian.
  • Fixed issue where on startup Fotosizer window is displayed back on primary monitor instead of where you had it open before.
  • Added icons to Colour Adjustment section for each setting.
  • Added 180 degree rotation setting.
  • Added more text watermark variables such as EXIF metadata and date taken.
  • Added ability to reduce text watermark font size to fit target image.
  • Added ability to resize image watermarks both proportionally to target image and a fixed size.
  • Added auto-rotation of image watermarks by EXIF orientation of the image.

  • Fixed problem that caused Fotosizer not to load on Windows XP and Windows 7.
  • Fixed updating of After resize size in image selection list when auto rotate setting is enabled.

  • Fixed changing output format so that triggers the "after resize" size in image selection list to be changed.
  • Fixed issue with output to compressed zip file where falsely prompt was made for overwriting files.
  • Fixed auto rotation of images so that it now removes the EXIF Orientation setting from the image.
  • Fixed issue with JPG to PNG conversion with PNG optimization enabled that failed when resizing at 100%.
  • Fixed "The process cannot access the file ... because it is being used by another process" error when no resizing is performed and overwriting existing files.
  • Fixed issue where saving animated gifs would result in error and blank image in preview.
  • Fixed issue in installer .NET Framework detection that would sometimes prompt that .NET Framework not installed even when v4.6.2 is installed.

  • Fixed conversion of inches sizes to pixels to use new DPI when Change DPI is ticked.
  • Fixed saving of resize measurement units (inches, cm, mm) to profiles.
  • Fixed issue with saving and resetting of rotation settings.
  • Fixed changing of DPI that had been broken in last release.
  • Fixed saving of EXIF information Date taken.

  • Fixed crash on startup when running with .NET Framework 2.0 where splitter fails to initialise.
  • Fixed error when loading using Spanish on some computers running Windows XP.
  • Fixed error when using the Add Folder button on Windows XP.
  • Fixed out of memory error on some computers updating progress bar in resize progress dialog.
  • Fixed error when closing resize progress dialog before resizing finished.
  • Fixed error when changing profiles resetting the destination settings output format.
  • Applied minor UI updates.
  • Added Large icon size to Fotosizer application icon so that it can be displayed when Windows desktop is set to show large icons.
  • Fixed resizing when "Do not resize if smaller" is selected so that no resizing is performed. Previously it was sizing to the same dimensions as original.
  • Fixed text watermark shadow placement.
  • Added Extruded shadow (3D) setting.
  • Added Glow effect on Text Watermark outline.
  • Fixed issue with text wrapping in Text watermarks.
  • Added warning prompt when a filename mask contains invalid filename characters.

  • Fixed overlapping text in UI caused by custom dpi text sizes in Windows.
  • Added error logging and send error report dialog.
  • Improved performance of adding images to image selection list.
  • Fixed text watermark font size usage to be correct the same as other applications.
  • Fixed loading of percent side resize setting.
  • Fixed saving of Text watermark background colour enabled setting.
  • Fixed error with setting EXIF thumbnail when photo does not support or previously didn't have it set.

  • Rearranged and redesigned Resize settings section.
  • Added feedback details of processing to resize progress dialog.
  • Fixed an issue with saving images that originate from a network folder that only has read permissions.
  • Added Crop resizing mode.
  • Changed "Center image in target resolution" setting to new "Pad" resizing mode.
  • Added ability to set background colour for Pad resizing mode to transparent.
  • Added after resize dimensions and file size to preview window to see what file size changes result in after processing.
  • Enabled 64-bit version giving better memory management to resize and process larger images.
  • Improved handling of images of large file size.
  • Added support for animated GIF images.
  • Added support for multi-page TIFF images.
  • Fixed saving of "Maintain Aspect Ratio" setting on exit.
  • Fixed manual rotation image selection list toolbar buttons which previously resulted in an image larger than the original.
  • Moved Professional Edition Auto rotate setting to be a general setting in the Optional dialog.
  • Changed image selection list thumbnails so that they are automatically rotated based on auto rotate setting.
  • Added Lomo Effect giving Lomography effect to photos.
  • Added Pixelate Effect making photos pixelated.
  • Added Vignette Effect giving making vignette over photo.
  • Fixed issue with embedded EXIF Thumbnail not being recreated.
  • Added setting to allow only EXIF date taken to be saved without requiring all other EXIF information to be saved.
  • Added setting to apply optimization to PNG images.
  • Added overwrite prompt dialog for when filename of image already exists in destination folder.
  • Added "Start numbering at" option to File name masks for when %N file name mask is used to choose the starting index number for the numbering.
  • Added ability to set background colour for text watermarks.
  • Added ability to set text outline thickness for text watermarks.
  • Added ability to set text shadow thickness for text watermarks.
  • Added ability to set text outline thickness for text watermarks.
  • Added gradient text colour choice for text watermarks.
  • Added ability to set background colour for Rounded corners to transparent.
  • Added new "Auto White Balance" setting to Colour Adjustment.
  • Added ability to save settings to profiles, reload settings profiles and delete settings profiles
  • Added automatic download and install of updates. (Professional Edition)
  • Added Product key to Options dialog. (Professional Edition)
  • Added updates status to status bar of main Fotosizer window.
  • Added new colour selector control.
  • Added "Eye dropper" button to colour selector to pick colour from areas of the screen.

  • Fixed setting of DPI in EXIF photo information when DPI value changed.
  • Fixed automatic check for updates so that it does not crash when retrieving setting from Windows registry if user does not have access.
  • Added Czech translation corrections.
  • Applied minor UI fixes to buttons.
  • Changed browse for folder dialog in Windows Vista to be old style as new style pre. v2.08.
  • Changed default selected Filename option to be "Create copies".
  • Changed rotations to be applied before resize.
  • Added "Center image in target resolution" resize setting.
  • Added "Insert symbol option" to watermarks to add copyright, registered, trademark and other common symbols to text watermarks.
  • Fixed reloading of saved rotation settings.
  • Fixed display of text watermark setting textbox.

  • Fixed problem with Auto-rotate feature that caused images without EXIF Orientation setting not to be resized. (Professional Edition)
  • Applied minor UI fixes to buttons.
  • Changed browse for destination folder and browse for Add from folder dialogs for Windows 7+ to be Windows 7 style.

  • Added Fit to window/original size toggle buttons to Preview window.
  • Added slider bar for watermark rotation. (Professional Edition)
  • Minor UI updates.
  • Fixed high CPU usage issue when running Fotosizer.
  • Added setting to Options window to turn off sorting on photo list for adding and removing images.
  • Added corner radius setting for rounded corners. (Professional Edition)
  • Updated Turkish translations.
  • Updated Dutch translations.

  • Fixed Image watermarks being clipped. (Professional Edition)
  • Fixed Watermark position so watermarks are not cropped when using rounded corners setting. (Professional Edition)
  • Added Shadow setting to text watermarks. (Professional Edition)
  • Updated Chinese (Simplified) translations.
  • Fixed truncation of text watermarks when using the "Elephant" font. (Professional Edition)
  • Added "Force lower-case file extensions" to Destination settings.
  • Added "Resize by one side" resize setting to allow resizing by Width, height, Longest side, or shortest side only.
  • Added parameterized text watermarks using the "Insert Variable" button to add variables the same as Filename mask. (Professional Edition)
  • Fixed rounded corners setting so that line border not drawn around image. (Professional Edition)
  • Fixed Save to Compressed ZIP file feature so that extracting image files from the ZIP file using WinZip does not cause an error. (Professional Edition)

  • Fixed Image watermark rotation so that it no longer gets clipped in Professional edition.
  • Fixed Image watermark positioning in Professional edition.
  • Fixed Text watermark positioning in Professional edition.
  • Added "After resize" filename display in Image selection list tiles, showing the filename after the filename mask has been applied.
  • Updated Russian translations.
  • Applied minor UI updates.

  • Fixed "Add Images" so that photos in iPhone folders are displayed in the Open File Dialog.
  • Fixed batch rotation so that it does not apply horizontal or vertical flip.
  • Updated Portuguese Brazilian translations.
  • Added slider bars for change of quality and dpi Miscellaneous settings section.

  • Fixed problem with having just %N in filename mask that didn't replace number correctly.
  • Fixed Auto rotate in Professional edition.
  • Fixed preview to show when Negative effect is applied.

  • Fixed problem with settings sections being displayed too small when Windows Large font sizes are enabled.
  • Minor UI changes for text alignment.
  • Fixed problem with conversion from transparent PNG images to JPEG images that caused black background to be saved. Now saved with white background.
  • Fixed problem saving some images that caused grey/black border to be added to the images.
  • Added Close "X" button to Preview changes window.
  • Updated Dutch translations.

  • Added export to CSV file of resized file list on completion of resizing operations.
  • Minor UI changes including new icons.
  • Corrected some of the size calculation logic that was slightly different from previous versions of Fotosizer.
  • Fixed problem with resizing over existing images that caused the file not to be saved.
  • Updated Dutch translations.
  • Re-added support for drag and drop of folders into Fotosizer.

  • Updated UI.
  • Added Preview changes window.
  • Added ability to rotate individual images.
  • Added Details, Preview pane and Thumbnail views to photos list.
  • Added sorting to columns in Details view of photos list.
  • Added ability to apply text and image watermarks to photos. (Professional version)
  • Added ability to rotate photos automatically using the camera orientation metadata stored with the photo.
  • Added ability to apply colour adjustments (Brightness, contrast, hue, saturation). (Professional version)
  • Added ability to save to compressed zip file. (Professional version)
  • Changed saving filename options to be more intuitive, giving options to save as original, created copies, or custom filename.
  • Added ability to apply rounded corners to photos. (Professional version)
  • Added ability to resize using print measurements (cm, mm, inches).
  • Improved loading performance of photos into photo list by using cached thumbnails that load on-demand.
  • Added "Open Destination Folder" button to Resize progress dialog to open the destination folder after the photos have been resized.
  • Added adjustable splitter between photos selection list and settings.

  • Added Chinese Simplified translations.
  • Fixed problem with resizing some JPEG photos that caused Fotosizer to crash.

  • Added corrected Russian language translations.
  • Added corrected German language translations.
  • Added corrected Italian language translations.
  • Fixed resizing of Transparent PNG images to maintain the transparency.
  • Added corrected Hungarian language translations.
  • Fixed minor UI issue.

  • Fixed error when clearing the width and height boxes. Now defaults to 1px or 1% if cleared.
  • Added expand and collapse of settings sections when clicking on section headings.
  • Removed Dealio toolbar from installer.
  • Added percentage presets to Resize preset list (10%,20%,25%,30%,40%,50%,60%,70%,80%,90%,100%,125%,150%,200%,400%).
  • Added destination folder into tooltip for Destination folder selection box.
  • Added Donate link in header of Fotosizer application window.
  • Fixed resizing so that even if an image file is read-only it will still get resized and saved.

  • Added Finnish language translations.
  • Fixed drag and drop of image files into images list so that Chinese characters in filenames are supported.
  • Added iPhone 4/4S preset size.
  • Added Email 1024x768 preset size.
  • Fixed problem with installer that caused error when Fotosizer is still running. Now prompts to close Fotosizer before continuing with the setup.
  • Added options to turn off thumbnails in image selection list.
  • Improved image list load performance.
  • Added Swedish language translations.
  • Added corrected Russian language translations.
  • Added corrected Czech language translations.
  • Fixed resizing 16-bit and 32-bit bitmaps to JPEG that previously resulted in a 0KB file.
  • Fixed installer to launch Fotosizer with non-elevated privileges so that drag and drop into Fotosizer works after Fotosizer is run from the installer.

  • Rolled back fix for improving resize quality so that it is the same as previous versions, default is 75% quality.

  • Minor UI updates.
  • Fixed problem with resizing transparent PNG images where transparency is lost.
  • Fixed problem with resizing/converting a PNG image to JPG where it resulted in a zero size file.
  • Fixed resizing to improve resulting JPEG quality so that it still remains the same as the original image.
  • Added Latvian language translations.
  • Added Hindi language translations.
  • Added Vietnamese language translations.

  • Added Czech language translations.
  • Added Arabic (Saudi Arabia) language translations.
  • Added Portuguese (Portugal) language translations.

  • Added Folder path Edit box to Add Folder and Destination Folder Selection dialogs.
  • Removed New Folder button on Add Folder dialog.
  • Fixed text alignment problem on buttons for Asian languages.
  • Fixed initial expanded state of settings boxes after install.
  • Fixed initial setting of image types for Add Folder after first install.

  • Added ability to choose which image types get selected when using the Add Folder option, in the Options Dialog.
  • Added ability to save original EXIF and XMP photo informations such as Date taken, Camera model, etc. with resized images.
  • Minor user interface tweaks.

  • Fixed problem with %NN filename mask resulting in 1N.
  • Corrected Dutch translation of Print DPI text.
  • Changed to remember window width, height and maximized settings.
  • Changed to remember the settings boxes that are expanded.
  • Changed to remember the optional settings tab open.
  • Fixed problem with Unicode text of check boxes not displayed corrected on Windows Vista and Windows 7.

  • Added Optional setting to change Print DPI of images.
  • Moved Change Quality setting into Optional Settings->Misc section.
  • Fixed Add Folder option to detect TIF images in a folder as well as the other supported image types.
  • Added Greek language translations.
  • Fixed resizing of JPEG images to PNG that caused quality to be degraded.
  • Added Serbian (Latin) language translations.

  • Changed size of Fotosizer window to fit inside smaller screen resolutions found on netbooks.
  • Fixed problem with trying to resize images with large dpi.
  • Fixed problem with resizing certain transparent png files that caused crash.
  • Fixed so Fotosizer does not get closed by Data Execution Prevention (DEP).

  • Added Hungarian language translations.
  • Added Romanian language translations.
  • Added ability to have leading zero's with %N filename mask by using multiple N's, i.e. %NN = 01, %NNN=001.
  • Added HDTV resolutions to preset resize list.
  • Fixed problem with images not being saved correctly when converting to gif.

  • Fixed application crash when resizing with unchanged dimensions.
  • Made minor UI changes to Resizing dialog to stop slow refresh.

  • Added Sepia Effect to convert photos to sepia colouring.
  • Changed to remember last folder used to add photos.
  • Changed resizing to save images with lowercase file extension.
  • Added Korean language translations.
  • Made corrections to Chinese language translations.

  • Made corrections to Ukrainian language translations.
  • Added Dutch language translations.
  • Fixed initial active state of Quality entry box when Change quality option is checked.
  • Other minor UI updates.

  • Added Russian language translations.
  • Added Ukrainian language translations.
  • Added Chinese Traditional language translations.
  • Fixed problem with %N File name mask that caused numbering to incorrectly start at 2.
  • Added translations for Automatic update message for new version of Fotosizer available to all languages.
  • Added ability to select and resize images with non-English text in the filename, on an English version of Windows.

  • Made corrections to German translations.
  • Improved performance of loading images into image list for Add Image and Add Folder.
  • Added Polish language translations.
  • Improved performance of Remove/Remove All operation.
  • Fixed installer to correctly uninstall the Fotosizer Desktop shortcut.
  • Fixed manual entering of destination folder.
  • Added use of "Ctrl+A" key press to select all images in the image list.
  • Fixed problem with Add Folder that caused a crash on some computers.
  • Fixed resizing so that if new dimensions can never go below 1 pixel.
  • Added minor UI tweaks.

  • Fixed "Do not enlarge if smaller" setting so that checking/un-checking refreshes the after resize text in the images list.
  • Made corrections to Turkish translations.
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese translations.

  • Added Turkish translations.
  • Changed so that on resizing, creation date of original image is maintained.
  • Added removing of selection of images by pressing the "Delete" key.
  • Added "Do not enlarge if smaller" setting that stops image being resized when new dimensions are smaller than original dimensions.

  • Added Italian translations.
  • Changed setup to install all available language translations.
  • Merged Custom resize and Percentage of original options into one section.
  • Fixed application icon to correctly show 256 colour icon.
  • Changed resize behaviour when using custom resize or preset resize to be "resize to fit".
  • Changed so that DPI settings of an image are maintained after resizing. Previously, was set to 72DPI after resize.
  • Added translated test to resize progress dialog.
  • Added other minor UI tweaks.

  • Fixed rotation, Flip horizontal and Flip Vertical optional settings.
  • Changed to maintain existing file creation date when saving to the same filename.
  • Fixed colour of Optional settings tabs on window resize.

  • Added resizing support for TIFF Image format.
  • Added "Duplicate source image folders" feature.
  • Fixed the crash that happens on some computers when clicking the Destination Folder button.
  • Improved load performance for image thumbnail list.
  • Made corrections to French language translation.
  • Fixed problem introduced in last release that caused Fotosizer to crash on startup in Windows 2000.
  • Fixed problem with settings not being auto-saved on exit.

  • Changed bundled Dealio Shopping Toolbar installation to allow Yahoo search integration.
  • Added initialisation of default settings on first use.
  • Added French, German and Spanish translations.
  • Added Options dialog to give ability to change language, auto check for updates setting.

  • Fixed resizing of "Resize Settings section when expanded.
  • Fixed issue with some JPEG images not loading into the image list causing an error.
  • Fixed "Percentage of original" option label not being displayed.
  • Added new Resize setting "Preset size" allowing quick resizing to preset sizes including iPod and PSP screen sizes.
  • Rearranged Resize settings section to make it less cluttered with new settings.
  • Added auto-save of output format selection.

  • Fixed Multiple selection of images in Image selection list.
  • Fixed issue on Windows Vista that caused Fotosizer to hang when clicking an image in the image selection list.
  • Added number of images count above the image selection list.
  • Added "[same as original]" Destination Folder, that allows the images to resized to their original location(s).
  • Added Output Format selection list to choose the image format the resized images get converted to.
  • Fixed resize progress dialog so that it displayed a "Finished" caption to indicate that the resize was successful, as it was previously confusing whether the images had or hadn't been resized.

  • Improved speed to load photos into Image selection list.
  • Changed thumbnail creation in image selection list to display portrait images correctly.
  • Fixed flicker on Windows Desktop when starting Fotosizer.
  • Added "tick" indicator icon on settings sections to indicate when settings are being used. Previously it was not obvious if the settings were to be used if the section was collapsed.
  • Changed header title look to be consistent with Fotosizer website.
  • Added "Negative" effect to optional settings that converts to photo to a negative.
  • Fixed "hang" on startup, as seen on some computers where the Fotosizer window failed to display the buttons, etc. correctly.

  • Fixed bug with "Auto check for updates" feature that caused Fotosizer to hang on startup when no internet connection present.

  • Fixed bug with clearing custom width and height boxes that caused crash.
  • Added "Reverse width and height by orientation" setting that reverses the width and height settings, allowing images of different orientation (portrait and landscape) to be resized at the same time.
  • Added "Flip Horizontal" and "Flip Vertical" settings.
  • Added "Rotate 90 degrees Counter Clockwise" and "Rotate 90 degrees Clockwise" settings.
  • Renamed "Convert to Greyscale" to "Convert to Black & White"

  • Fixed bug in "Auto-save" of settings on exit that was not saving settings when clicking the 'X' in the top right corner of the Fotosizer window.
  • Added "Auto check for updates" feature on startup of Fotosizer.
  • Added optional "automatically check for updates to Fotosizer" setting to setup.

  • Added "Auto-save" of settings on exit.
  • Added loading of previously used settings on startup.
  • Fixed folder selection so that the selected folder is remembered whilst Fotosizer is running.
  • Added "Only use if folder different from original" option under Filename mask field to only apply the filename mask if the image file already exists in the destination folder.

  • Fixed Fotosizer window resizing
  • Limited Fotosizer window to a minimum size

  • Added Online Help link
  • Changed maintain aspect ratio behaviour to correctly resize width and height based on aspect ratio of each image
  • Added "After resize:" labels to Image preview list, dynamically changing width and height as the settings change
  • Included optional install of Dealio Comparison Shopping Toolbar
  • Fixed uninstaller to correctly remove Fotosizer program group on Windows Vista
  • Added optional creation of Desktop shortcut to setup
  • Added optional creation of Quick Launch Bar shortcut to setup

  • Removed dependence on MSCOMCTL.ocx allowing Fotosizer to function correctly in Windows Vista.
  • Added help button for Available 'Filename masks' next to selection box.
  • Added ability to change the quality of the image based on percentage scale.
  • Fixed problem with 'Maintain Aspect ratio' setting where custom height was changed to 0 when using regional setting decimal separator other than '.' in the case of Germany.
  • Fixed uninstaller so that everything is removed on uninstall. Previously, 'Uninstall Fotosizer' link was left along with program group.
  • Changed to get aspect ratio from first image loaded into list

  • Added drag and drop of folders and files into Image list
  • Added 'Filename mask' setting to allow resized images to be named with prefix/suffix, substituting fields such as new dimensions, date, etc.

  • Removed dependence on COMDLG32.ocx
  • Removed dependence on MSCOMCT2.ocx
  • Added support for Truevision Targa (*.tga) file format
  • Added 'Convert to Greyscale' optional setting